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about us

Xinao Energy Power Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a direct subsidiary of Xinao Group. Founded in October 2013, relying on the Group's resources and market advantages, it focuses on the development of micro gas turbines and strives to fill the gap in the industrialization of micro gas turbines .

product description

The performance of the 100 kW gas turbine independently researched and developed by Xinao Power has fully reached the design index, which is at the leading level in China. It has entered the stage of project demonstration and small batch production, filling the gap in domestic industrialization.

公司新闻 Learn more about company 3d之家

Xinao Power holds 2019 work summary commendation and 2020 work mobilization conference
2019 is a year in which Xinao Power has accumulated a lot and developed spontaneously. The company has made significant progress in capacity building, technology research and development, and market expansion. In this context, Xinao Power held the 2019 work summary commendation and 2020 work ...
Xinao Power and Xinao Energy Fujian Co., Ltd. successfully cooperated in the first domestic micro-turbine power grid connection
The micro gas turbine demonstration project (Jinjiang Guosheng Shoe Material Co., Ltd. microturbine project) jointly cooperated by Xinao Power and Xinao Energy Fujian Province Company was officially delivered and operated on December 1, 2019. This is the first domestic microturbine power generation and Web success project with ...
Join forces to advance smart energy and green economy! ---- Xinao Power and Danao Green Cycle Technology ...
On October 12, 2019, Xinao Power and Danai Green Cycle Technology jointly signed a cooperation framework agreement, an authorized dealer agreement and the first batch of gas turbine purchase contracts at Xinao Power (Langfang) Production Center. Wang Limin, general manager of Xinao Power, Song Junbo, deputy general manager, ...

行业动态 Learn more about industry trends

National Development and Reform Commission of the National Energy Administration on printing and distribution of "relying on energy engineering to promote the innovation of gas turbines ...
Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and single cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, all relevant central enterprises: To implement the relevant instructions of the State Council leadership, rely on energy projects to accelerate the development of gas turbine innovation and national development ...
Notice of the Municipal Government on Issuing the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for Energy Development in Shanghai
Energy is related to the overall situation of economic and social development and is closely linked to the lives of the people. It is also a key area for China's comprehensive deepening reform. In order to achieve the completion of Shanghai's "four centers" and a socialist modern international metropolis by 2020, it will have a global influence ...
Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on Issuing the 13th Five-Year Plan for Oil and Gas Development
Development and Reform Commissions (Energy Bureaus) of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development and Reform Commission, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation ...
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